Dedicated Electrical Circuits

Dedicated Electrical Circuits — When is it Right to Get One?

Do you experience difficulty trying to run several appliances at the same time? Does your breaker box trip often, especially when you turn on a particular appliance? These are signs that you need to consider installing dedicated electrical circuits in your electrical system. The National Electrical Codes (NEC) recommends that every large piece of electrical appliance should operate on their own dedicated electrical circuits. 

Read on to learn more about dedicated circuits and which appliances need them.

Dedicated Electrical Circuits
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What Are Dedicated Circuits?

When a circuit is wired to support a single appliance and no other, it is described as a dedicated circuit. It has its own breaker in your electrical box. The purpose of installing a dedicated circuit in your electrical system is to ensure that high-power appliances, e.g., freezers and washers, have enough power to operate safely without causing a circuit breaker to trip.

Electric circuits play an essential role in every electrical system. Remember that circuit breakers are designed to trip whenever there’s a power overload or too much power is drawn by any appliance at once. 

In case you’ve experienced or are still experiencing any of the scenarios described above, you may be running a risk of potential fire hazard in your home! You can book an appointment with us today at Merv Electric, and we’ll be right there for a prompt inspection of your electrical system. Working with Merv Electric is an opportunity to benefit from more than 50 years of experience serving clients in the Bellevue, Washington area. 

What Appliances Need a Dedicated Circuit?

As earlier mentioned, this depends on the overall power demand of the appliance. Heating appliances, for instance, will require a dedicated circuit because of their power consumption. However, if the device is often not in use for a long time, installing a dedicated circuit may not be necessary. As a general rule, appliances rated 1,000 watts and above require dedicated circuits, especially if they’re going to be in use for several hours.

Whether your appliances serve residential or commercial purposes, here is a list of appliances that need dedicated circuits. 

In the Living Room

  • Infrared heater and space heater
  • Air conditioners
  • Electric fireplace

In the Kitchen

  • Electric oven or stove
  • Refrigerator and chest freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Toaster oven
  • Countertop convection oven
  • Deep fryers or air fryers

In the Laundry Room

  • Electric dryer
  • Washer

If you’re not sure your appliance needs a dedicated circuit, you should speak with experienced electricians. 

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How to Install a Dedicated Circuit

You need to engage the services of trusted professionals when installing dedicated electrical circuits. At Merv Electric, our residential electricians and commercial electricians are on 24 hours standby to help you with all your electrical needs. Our reputation speaks for us in Bellevue and beyond. Simply call us today, and we’ll be right there. 

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