Electrical Installation and Maintenance Services

Best Electrical Installation and Maintenance Services Near Me — Bellevue, WA

Are you in need of a professional electrician to help you with electrical installation services in your home? Do you need someone to check out a piece of faulty electrical installation in your home before replacing it? 

Whether you intend to get a pro electrician to help you with electrical maintenance services or you need qualified electricians to build and install your electrical system from the ground to finish, we at Merv Electric would be delighted to serve you. We have skilled and highly trained electricians ready to take on jobs of any size and deliver them on time. 

Merv Electric has been serving customers in Bellevue, WA, and surrounding communities for many years. This means that we are versed in any type of electrical works, and we’re committed to ensuring you have the best experience in the county. 

Electrical Installation and Maintenance Services
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Why You Should Hire Experts For Your Electrical Installation

Electrical installation is a serious job — one that endangers you and your family if handled by unqualified persons. You could end up with continually tripping circuit breakers, partial power supply, burnt out wall sockets, or worse if you don’t enlist the help of professionals. 

At Merv Electric, we take pride in our quality and reputation. Our clients enjoy the best electrical installation services — a reflection of our excellent service culture. 

Hiring professionals saves you time, money, and resources. We aim to design and build the best electrical systems — both for residential and commercial use. 

If you’re just interested in rewiring or upgrading the existing electrical installations or system in your home or office, you can count on the expertise and experience of our trained Bellevue electricians. 

Another reason why you should seriously consider hiring the best hands is that they go out of their way to get quality materials for your electrical installations projects.


Our Electrical Installation Services

Merv Electric has been in the electrical service industry for 50 years and counting. Here’s a quick glance at the electrical installation services you can expect to get from us at Merv Electric. 

  • Lighting fixtures
  • Home electricity monitors
  • Water heater installation
  • Electric car charging
  • UPS and generators
  • Air conditioning system
  • Smoke detectors
  • Security camera
  • Installation if solar panels
  • Conduction of routine maintenance 
  • Factory for commercial deals, and so much more

Whatever your electrical installation needs are, you can reach us online or at (206) 590-4060.

Residential Services

Solving your electrical needs for your home is our number one priority.

Commercial Services

Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about electrical problems.

Maintanence Services

Is your electrical system unreliable, breaking down, or already broken down? Let Merv Electric provide solutions for all your electrical needs.