Using a Multimeter Testing a Circuit Breaker

A broken circuit breaker raises the risk of an electrical overload happening in your house. An overload can create a short circuit to happen and in severe circumstances, can pose a fire hazard.

Examining a circuit breaker is required to fix the flow of electricity in its board. The most effective way of testing it is using a multimeter. A multimeter is a measuring device that operates to combine certain measurement purposes in one unit. A multimeter can measure amps, ohms, and volts through outlets, fixtures, and breakers.

There are the ways an electrician will do to test a circuit breaker with a multimeter:

Using a Multimeter to Test a Circuit Breaker

1. First of all, the electrician makes sure the distance around the electrical board is dry. If there is any standing water in the area, the service expert will clean it up before starting the electrical board.

2. To examine a breaker with a multimeter, the electrician will remove the breaker case and determine which breaker will be checked.

3. The electrician will turn off all lamps and devices that are being powered through the circuit breaker being examined.

4. The AC volts frame (usually abbreviated “ACV”) is the multimeter fixing the service technician will practice to examine the circuit breaker.

5. The electrician will touch one spur of the multimeter to the breaker’s terminal screw and impress the other prong to a ground screw. The ground screw is usually found in a metal rail along the right-hand side of the electrical board.

6. Once these spikes are connected, the readout on the multimeter will demonstrate the potential voltage at the breaker point.

7. If the reading is zero, then the breaker is broken and needs to be returned.

Because circuit breakers and electrical panels act a lethal shock hazard, only an accredited electrician should examine, diagnose, or repair your circuit breakers.

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Examining a circuit breaker isn’t a job suitable for everybody. Should you assume your circuit breaker has any kind of difficulty, it’s worth taking a professional’s opinion. Call us Merv Electric today at (206) 590-4060 and have any important repair accomplished on the spot.

This post is written available by Merve Electric for instructional goals just to supply the user comprehensive knowledge and a universal opinion of the specific subject above. The post has not to be used as a replacement for an authorized electrical professional in your state or area. Check with street, city, and state laws before making any household design.

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